Winter Storm Brings Travel Troubles to the South

Snow Tracker-WRUF

Snow tracker showing snowfall accumulations through Thursday in from Tennessee to the Atlantic coast

It’s yet another winter storm….but this time, it hits parts of The South. A low pressure system formed over Texas Sunday and is pushing eastward and has triggered Winter Storm Warnings across more than a dozen states from Missouri to North Carolina. The storm will dump snow, ice, and rain across the Tennessee and Ohio River Valleys to the Mid-Atlantic Coast.  In many areas, snowfall totals will exceed a foot and/or ice will accumulate to more than 1/2 inch.


Ice tracker showing where freezing rain and icy conditions will be possible this week

Ice tracker showing where freezing rain and icy conditions will be possible this week

Further south from Oklahoma to the Carolinas, warmer temperatures aloft will combined with below freezing temperatures at the surface and lead to freezing rain and sleet. Icy roadways will make for very troublesome travel along major highways in these areas. Interstate 40 that extends from Oklahoma to Tennessee, I-64 from St. Louis to Virginia and the I-85 corridor up from Greensboro northeast will be the hardest hit. Any travel along these highways should be limited over the next three days due to the wet and icy conditions.

@UFAlumni and @UF on Twitter found it a bit ironic (in a sarcastic sense) that many other SEC schools were dealing with the winter storm, while we are enjoying sunshine and temperatures in the 70’s.  This all changes tomorrow (see below).



The trailing cold front will push through Florida on Tuesday night, and another surge of arctic air will filter into the eastern portions of the United States by midweek. Below average temperatures are expected for most of the eastern U.S. and sub-freezing temperatures will extend as far south as north Florida.  In perspective though, we should be thankful for only having to deal with a couple of cold nights ahead rather than all of the snow and ice.