It’s Not Easy Being Green

Green is sometimes the term used to describe someone not very experienced at what they do. I find it fitting that we have a very large wall in our studio painted the same color. It’s not easy to knock that ‘green wall’ down as a student, especially when you are expected to perform in a professional setting. Many of the opportunities in our college have a real audience because they are real products, and they come with very real pressures. There are days I’m sure you just want to crawl behind the wall and just be a student. Just be allowed to make a mistake without any repercussions. Because darn it – you’ve had a long week already and a project due at midnight. It’s in these moments when you have a choice. Will you continue to just accept being ‘green’? Or will you reach up and tear down part of that wall (figuratively speaking)? It’s a decision that you will have to make multiple times throughout your  career, not just while you’re in college.

 “Every day you walk on to that field, you either get better or you  get worse. There’s no staying the same.”

– Coach Mac (Jim McElwain, Florida Gators)

We will be sending four special seniors on to the next stop of their journey at some point in the next few months, a moment that is never easy on me or my colleagues. This year’s senior class has worked especially hard this semester (and last) to tear down that ‘green’ wall, and I wanted to share some of their recent success.

But first, a little reminder from someone who knows all about being green…


Tony Sadiku (Telecom ’15)

Morgan Falcon (Telecom ’15)

Peta-Gay Sheerwood (Telecom ’15)

Sean Bellafiore (Telecom ’15)