It’s Never Been Easier to Prepare for Hurricane Season

FL Get A Plan!

Signage is posted everywhere. Get A Plan.  It’s the state’s effort to encourage Floridians to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season. Emergency officials want have been training for weeks to ensure resilience before and after a storm.

Although this years forecast is for a below-average season, FEMA Director Craig Fugate makes it clear, reminding us that Hurricane Sandy is a top reason not to ignore the call to action.

“People go decades without going thru storms thinking it will never happen to them. Sandy should’ve reminded us that even those areas with infrequent hurricane activity can suffer devastating losses not only in dollars but in lives.”

So where do you start?

FLGetAPlan.Com lays it out for you.  Whether a business or homeowner, the site allows you to input your personal information and formulates a plan for you. It also provides personalized tips and even calculates how much water you’ll need during and after a storm.  FL Get A Plan!

The state of Florida’s Director of Emergency Management, Bryan Koon, reminds us that in the event of a storm, no one knows what will happen, and therefore, our only resource is proper planning.

“We don’t know what exactly is going to be working or not after a storm, but we do know that we will have impacts.  Some of resources will be restored quickly, some will take days or weeks to get back up online. You need to take that in consideration as you plan for a hurricane.”

Getting a plan has never been easier, FLGetAPlan.Com also allows you to share your customized plan via email and even download it, complete with evacuations routes and emergency contact info.


Officials recommend Floridians use FLGetAPlan.Com because it’s created with everyone in mind. Whether your household has pets or people with special needs, you can easily make you plan and find out how to be ready.  Even if you are not near the coast, making a plan is still necessary. Alachua County Emergency Manager Dave Donnelly shares his thoughts to those residents inland,

“Knowing what to do ahead of time, having the plan together now, not waiting until five days before or three days before. We encourage special need clients to register now. Don’t wait for the storm to brew up. Now is the time to take care of things, while we are still pretty quiet.”

Don’t wait until it’s too late to Get A Plan.