Freeze Warnings Monday Morning in North Florida

– Freeze Warning for panhandle and inland north Florida

– Lows will range from 28 to 32 in warned areas

– Duration of freeze 3 to 5 hours



The coldest night in nearly nine months is expected across much of Florida, and for many inland areas north of I-4, an early season freeze is expected.  A Freeze Warning is in effect from 3 to 8 am Monday for the areas shaded in blue.



Typically, temperatures below the freezing mark aren’t felt in the Florida Panhandle or much of North Florida until the first week of December.  However, high pressure from Canada has settled in, and under clear skies and light winds, the mercury will be falling quickly.  Areas in the light blue are likely to experience the subfreezing tempretures.



Monday morning lows will range from the upper 20s across inland rural locations, to the lower 30s in the urban centers. A Freeze Warning is issued when subfreezing temperatures are expected for more than two hours. Appropriate action should be taken to protect tender vegetation and outdoor pets from the cold.