Near-Record Warmth to End November

Near-record warmth is expected to close out November.  Many areas across North Florida will be flirting with record highs Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. The high in Gainesville, for example, is forecast to be 84° on Wednesday, which would fall two degrees shy of 86, the record for the date set in 1978.   Jacksonville’s record high of 84º for this date, set in 2010, is also in jeopardy. The average high for this time of year is 71°.


Wednesday's Highs


Mornings will not be exempt from the warming trend either.  Overnight temperatures will only dip down to the middle 60’s, which is nearly fifteen degrees above the average low of 48.

This week’s warm spell rounds out a month that has been unusually warm, even for Florida standards.  Afternoon temperatures have been above average 23 of the last 28 days. In fact afternoon highs have averaged almost four degrees above normal for the entire month.