Longest Cold Snap of the Winter Arrives Friday

Winter is making a comeback this weekend. It won’t be the coldest air this season, but it will likely last the longest.  Five straight days of below-average temperatures will follow the cold front that moved through Thursday.  Even though a freeze is not expected, there will be several nights with temperatures dipping into the 30’s.

The front was already making an impact on temperatures late Thursday afternoon.

The cool weekend will come as a shock to many, especially since temperatures have failed to top 70 only four times so far in 2017.  During the coming stretch of winter-like temperatures, daytime highs will generally be in the 50s and lower 60s, while overnight temperatures often dip into the 30s and low 40s.


The cold snap is a product of a jet stream that is taking a dive into the Southeast.  The reason it will last longer than previous cold air outbreaks is because of reinforcements.  Several more (weaker) cold fronts will be diving into the trough of low pressure, sending fresh batches of cool air deep into The South through Tuesday.

Jet Stream


By far, this will be the longest stretch of below normal temperatures experienced by Floridians in many months.  Much of winter, as expected, has been warm and dry overall. The cold air is expected to retreat by the middle of next week.