This is it. You're finally at the college of your dreams!

Welcome to Gainesville, Florida. Or lately, #RAINesville.

This is where you will study, live, and grow into the adult you hope to be. But it’s also where we sometimes have to #WeatherTogether. So I know what you’re thinking...

I've lived here forever. I got this.

If you haven’t spent time in Gainesville lately, the weather is certainly something to get used to. So, season by season, I’ve laid out all you need to know to survive your first year in The Swamp.

Step 1: Survive Endless Summer

We don’t get the benefit of a refreshing breeze in the afternoons like you do near the coast. In fact, some summer days can feel like 110° with the heat index. That’s what is feels like to your skin when you’re soaked in sweat from all the humidity. Walking to class can be miserable, so a water bottle is a strong suggestion.

UF only requires a laptop as part of the curriculum, but I would argue that a strong deodorant should also be mandatory. Let’s face it - some students shower more than others.

The humidity is constantly hanging in the air like a damp cloth, making every breath feel like you’re somehow inhaling moisture. Which brings me to my next summer tip…

You WILL get wet.

My advice is to always have an umbrella. Even if the sun is shining all afternoon, a pop-up thunderstorm is very common through October, and some can last a long time with heavy rain and lightning.

Umbrellas may not be for everyone, but hey - Albert has one.


There's hurricane season.

Yes, Gainesville is far inland. But a storm can still create chaos if you don’t know a few things ahead of time.

Keeping up to date with storm information is KEY, so a reliable app like Florida Storms or checking in with a local news source is recommended. NOT just memes on Twitter.

When classes are cancelled, we know you'll want to do this...

But you're going to need more than just Pub Subs...

Stock up on some food and water for a few days and stay indoors until authorities clear the area.

Buy a portable phone charger so you can share your snap and insta-stories with us! #WeatherTogether

Step 2: Don't Miss Fall

Now, fall would technically be next on the list, but let's face it - the AC's run until at least Thanksgiving around here.

So that mean's you'll be sweating while enjoying that hot and cozy PSL.

(or just get it iced like a sane human being)

After a minute or two of autumn...

Step 3: Brace Yourself

I’m from Chicago, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

The temperatures during a winter day can range from the 50’s to the 70’s (which sounds like heaven to me), but the nights can turn cold fast.

Yes, we sometimes actually FREEZE.

You will need a coat of some sort. Late night library trips may extend well into the early morning hours, which means you have to walk back in below freezing temperatures at times.

A light fleece jacket usually works for me, but those from ‘So-Flo’ may need a parka and some fuzzy socks.

And if you're scooting...

The wind can make it feel even colder

It's happened before, but rather rare. Flurries were observed in early 2017 and only once or twice in history has it actually coated the ground.

However, frost is rather common. It can look like snow, but less fun.

And if you survive all that...

Spring is gorgeous, but no bed of roses.

Gainesville is home to beautiful blooming flowers and bushes, and it’s pretty breath-taking…

But with flowers comes pollen.

And if you’re anything like me, seasonal allergies is public enemy no. 1 during these months.

Do yourself a favor and buy some allergy medication.

The bugs don't mind the pollen. In fact, they like your blood too.

So keep the bug spray handy.

The nice thing about spring, it's warm withOUT the rain.

But can you handle the sun?

Not wearing at least some SPF can cause early aging, bad sunburns, and skin cancer. Trust me, you’ll age enough even with the school work and studying.

Now it's about time for finals again,

Then just like that...

Summer is back. And you've survived your first year in Gainesville!

I hope this handy guide will help you stick together in all kinds of weather. And if you have any questions, give me a shout on Facebook or Twitter.

Go Gators!

Nicolette Zangara

UF Weather Forecaster


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UF Media Properties

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(352) 392-5551

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